Close Reading Exercise on ethnic notion(select little chunk from the documentary and do a close reading essay)

Close Reading ExerciseThis writing assignment offers you an opportunity to demonstrate your skills at close reading, the careful analysis of a primary object. Please choose one scene (from a film or tv show) or artifact (e.g. advertisement, song, etc.), or recurring figure (e.. a particular stereotype that you see in the video that reappears across more than one film/tv show/advertisement, etc.) from the documentary Ethnic Notions and perform a close reading of your selection, answering the main question of the course: how does [your chosen object] seem to reflect/challenge/transform dominant understandings of blackness in its time? Your answer and evidence should come as a result of a close reading practice—the careful examination of your chosen slice of the film. How is the creator of your chosen object focusing your attention, how is “blackness” being used in the object? What is at stake in perceiving blackness in the way that your chosen object encourages? Throughout the documentary, Rigs provides socio-historical context for the representations that he includes; allow this context to inform your sense of how and why blackness means what it means in your chosen object. What understandings of blackness would make sense to the dominant culture when black people were living under legalized segregation? What representations of blackness would challenge common sense when black people were living under legalized segregation? Your thesis statement should be about the embedded object, not about Ethnic Notions. E.g. if the documentary included a scene from the movie 2018 Blindspotting, I would develop a thesis about how the selected scene from Blindspotting represented blackness in the context of race relations of its time.