Closing Summary/Follow Up Summary Assig

Please see directions, templates, and examples below. This is a 2 PART assignment: 1) Closing Summary; 2) Follow-Up Note.
DIRECTIONS: Using the templates on Talon, write a Closing Summary for your client and a Follow-Up Note. Your closing summary should be based on the Opening Summary and Service Plan assignment.
PART 1: Complete Closing Summary (25 points). Include:
Beginning and ending dates of services AND reason(s) contact was initiated.Brief description and analysis of the client’s situation from time of case opening to closureReasons for terminating servicesReview of the purpose of intervention and the goals/activities undertakenAnalysis of the outcomes of services providedAny referrals or plans for further interventionBrief description of any unresolved issuesFollow-up plans if indicatedSummary should be signed, clearly labeled, and dated.
PART 2: Complete a Follow-Up Summary (5 points). Include:
Brief description of follow-upNext steps and/or plans for future follow-up
12-pt font (Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New, or Calibri) 1” margins and double-spaced.You do not need to have a cover page on your paper although you certainly can if you choose to do so.Please include your name, name of the class, and assignment title in the top left corner of your paper.Use complete sentences.Please PROOFREAD your work.