College Composition Unit 6

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Using the Unit 6 Discussion Board feedback you received from your classmates and instructor on your thesis and outline, as well as the following downloadable Essay Draft Chart, create a 4-paragraph rough draft of your Academic Essay. Your draft should not use any sources at this point and instead should answer questions like: Why do you think this change has happened? or What effects do you think this change has had? Use your own thoughts and ideas to explore these questions but also try to not rely on informal first person (I, me, my, we, us, our) or second person (you, your) and instead attempt to write objectively and formally by using third person.

Think of this draft as an opportunity to try out the hypothesis you established in your preliminary thesis, to explore and examine the point you want your paper to make about the change you have selected to write about, and to learn what you do and do not know and what you need to learn about your topic in order to more successfully write about it.

NOTE: In order to better prepare for the research process you will begin in Unit 7, brainstorm a list of specific research information you will need to locate during your research process in Unit 7 to support the ideas you drafted in Unit 6. Complete the following downloadable Research Plan Chart and include it at the end of your Unit 6 Assignment. This Research Plan Chart will help you identify the specific research information and evidence you will need to locate to support the ideas or claims in each of the body paragraphs of your draft. For help with creating a strong research plan, be sure to review the

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