Communication Exploration Paper (Intercultural Communication)

Focus on Intercultural Communication Field of Study.Attached is a Reference list of 8 sources and a separate document for each of them. You will need just basic information (citing) from them, nothing too statistical. The essay is about interpretation and supporting evidence from the sources.
Instructions:THREE SECTIONS OF YOUR PAPERPlease follow APA guidelines when citing sources and formatting your paper. Include section headers for each of the three sections of your assignment. Your paper should be between 5 to 6 pages in length (not including the References page of your cited sources).
Background and Justification (1 page)You will introduce your area of study and explain how it relates to the field of communication studies. Most importantly, you will discuss why this area of study should and needs to be explored in our discipline. You should end this section with a single paragraph summarizing the remainder of the paper (think of this as a mini table of contents but in essay paragraph form). You will need to include a thesis statement (Links to an external site.) at the end of this section.
Literature Review (no fewer than 3 pages)Now that you’ve compiled your research, consider how you might collect the articles into different categories. You will organize your literature review into three to four meaningful categories. These categories will help the reader better understand what your area of study is and how the communication studies field has interacted with it in past research. You should incorporate no fewer than 6 scholarly communication studies journal articles. As with previous assignments in the Communication Exploration Project, please do not incorporate conference presentations and book reviews into this paper.
Explanation of Theories (about 1 to 2 pages)You will advocate for 2 theories to be used when researching this area of study in the future. You should discuss 2 theories, no more no less, from our textbook. No outside research is need when identifying and explaining your choice in theories. You will include a descriiption of these theories while supporting why these theories are the most appropriate when conducting research in this area of study. You will need to explain how these theories have been useful in past communication research in this area of study or how a new approach will add more to the past research.
ReferencesAll sources should be cited in APA format. Please make sure you have included all in-text citations in your reference list.
ASSESSMENTYour paper will be 5 to 6 pages in length and follow the page length guidelines outlined above. This page length does not include the references page.
All assignments should follow the Assignment Format guidelines in the course syllabus. All in-text citations and references should follow APA format. You should use quotes sparingly and incorporate page numbers when paraphrasing or quoting from any reading. You should include paragraph numbers when paraphrasing or quoting from webpages.