Community Assessment Part II

Complete and submit the second half the same community assessment. If you are working with a group, you must continue to work in that same group, assessing the same community. Use the template provided to complete the assessment and review the grading rubric before submitting your final assessment to the drop box for a grade. The required form/template is in the Forms folder and attached to this drop box. This form must be used for the assignment. The assignment must be submitted as this completed form/template in a Word document to the drop box.References and citations should be in APA, 7th edition format. Scholarly writing is expected.If you are working in a group, every member of the group must submit a copy of the same final version of the assessment to the drop box (everyone will receive the same grade, unless extreme circumstances). It is understood once the first person in the group submits the assessment, the other members may see a 100% Turnitin score.Please remember to:Review the form/templateReview the grading rubricReview the video instructionsReview the sample (it is of a different version of the form – so it is just an example)Review APA format for citations and referencesReview the final paper to make sure it looks professional – no red/blue squiggly lines, no extra spaces, font is consistent