Note: Writer, I am enrolledin a biblical university. Therefore, make sure the analysis is writtenappropriately and courteously. Your cooperationis highly appreciated.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________References:Not to Professional WriterLibertyUniversity Lynchburg, VACourse Title: EDCO 705 (Issues and Trends in CommunityCounseling_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Community Needs Analysis Paper AssignmentOverviewThe goal of this assignment is to conduct a communitymental health needs and resources assessment that also familiarizes you withthe overall mental health needs in your community. Having assessed the most pressing localmental health needs, you will focus on one of the major identified issues involvinga specific, marginalized population and evaluate what services are offered andby what organizations.Your paper must be 10–12 pages (not including title page, abstract, orreference page; however, these are required as well). You must usecurrent APA style (writein third person) and integrate references to at least 10 recent andrelevant sources. Note,include both June & Black and Scott & Wolfe in a meaningful way. You mayuse scholarly journal articles, but your most important sources will be (local and state) government reports, census data, hospital recordsresearch, news reports, information from CDC and DHHS, and professionalorganizations. Sources cited must be specific and relevant to your immediatelocality. Include the following content, using appropriate headings:
1. Introduction of your community:·Describe its location, populations, demographics,and relevant trends, etc.2. Local needs assessment:·Articulate the overall, big picture of yourcommunity’s mental health needs and at-risk populations. Be sure to give clearattribution to your sources.3. Identification of a specific population orissue:·Explain why you chose to focus on thisparticular group.4. Local resources assessment:·Identify the specific organizations that workwith this specific population/ issue. Include government, for-profit, andnonprofit organizations in your analysis. How are these organizationsaddressing this specific need in the community? Your goal is to brieflydescribe what they do, not to evaluate their effectiveness.5. Personal reflection:·Reflect on how this project has changed yourview of your community and/or aided you in better understanding your community.You may use first person in this section.
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