Compare and contrast the Americas (Olmecs, Maya and Aztecs (Mexica)) to the ancient Greeks (not the Minoans, Mycenaeans or Hellenistic eras.).

You need an introduction with a thesis statement. Forexample, The Italian Renaissance had many comparisonsto ancient Greece because.You need a body in which you write a lot of paragraphssupporting your thesis statement. These would comeafter the because. Then you need to reword yourintroduction and thesis statement for a conclusion. Thereason I say no to MLA or APA format is because I do notwant you using parenthesis at the end of sentences, and Idefinitely do not want you to quote. Do not use outsidesources. Just use my lecture and the book for your finalessay exam questions that you are preparing. You willneed to use Times New Roman Font of 12. Itneeds to be a full 2 pages long with Times New RomanFont of 12 and lacks spacing between paragraphs. You donot need to quote. You need to indent for each paragraphan amount of 5 spaces.
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