Compartive Mythology Essay

For this response, you will choose two of the stories provided from Greek, Norse, Egyptian, or Christian mythos to compare and contrast. You are free to choose how you response and what you focus on.Choose THREE: (2) from our class readings and (1) from outside of class.Research your myths and find at least two outside sources to support your points. Your essay will have a total of five sources and each must be used as an in-text citation and cited on the works cited. Two are the stories and two are those that you find in the academic databases, books, ect.Write your assignment as a formal response that is a min of 2.5 pages long (not including the Works Cited).Paper formatting requirements:2.5 pages min (not including works cited page)5 paragraph format essay is required (clear intro, body and conclusion – a par. has 5 sentences minimum.)12pt font, times new roman, standard marginsFollow MLA formatEssay must have a unique title (not Response 1 or the name of the readings)No personal pronouns (I, me, my, you, your, us, we, one and our)A thesis statement should be present as the last sentence of the introduction so that it may be identified. Reference the thesis PowerPoint if you need a refresher on this topic.Research Requirements and Citation req.Use the resources in the folder below this assignment to help you complete your essay in an academic fashion.5 total sources (2 outside sources min that are based on fact; such as library books, databases, and academic journals) and 2 are the stories from class and 1 from outside of classDo not use more than one source that says the same informationIn-text citations are required in all essays. An essay lacking a works cited or in-text citations is considered academic dishonesty.Citations should not be the bulk of your paper, no more than 20%. One source is the story and two other sources have been provided for you. You MUST use all three sources in your essay and no other sources are allowed.Definitions of terms, characters, places, ect are not counted