compliant to California department of insurance

Make a complaint to the califronia department of insurance about your claim,you made a claim about theft that occured and item lost ,please read ans see attached (police report )After making the claim,the insurance agent asked you for police report and picture or receipt of items stolen, and you did provide it through email when agent receive picture and realizes that you are african american ,agent start asking you for authorization to access for bank statement,record finances,credit standing,cellular phone record whcih you think it is a invasion of privacy and notirized all document( attached is the document agent request ) .when the agent send his request by mail to process the claim,you try to contact the supervisor to know if it was a general proccedure that they request for every customers, and left meage supervisor never answered .and you think that you were being treated with extra suspicion because you are black when you were a vicitm of theft .you do not think that you received the same treatmentas as everyone and that you were not treated with fairness, respect and dignity.”