Conduct An Interview of a Female-Identified Individual

This 2 part assignment consists of: a narrative summary of an interview with a female-identified (Module 2) and a male-identified individual (Module 3) regarding their perceptions regarding their own health and an analysis of the interview using supporting evidence-based literature.You will conduct one interview of a female-identified individual in Module 2 that will be due at the end of Module 3. In Module 3, you will conduct an interview with a male-identified individual due at the end of Module 4. Choose someone who is willing to sit with you and talk to you openly about their thoughts and experiences. This individual may be a family member, a friend, or a co-worker. Remember, use only first names for confidentiality reasons.After completing your interview, write a 2-3 page paper organized in two parts addressing the following:Part I: After completing the interview, you will write a narrative summary of the data you have collected addressing all key points as listed below.Introduction: In the first paragraph, provide a brief description of the person you interviewed that includes demographic information. (i.e., age, occupation, family situation, marital status, educational level, etc.).Interview Summary: write a narrative summary, from the data you have collected, addressing all key points as listed below.Describe the interviewee’s involvement in gathering health-related information.Discuss their relationship with the healthcare system, in terms of how often they interact with healthcare professionals and why.Discuss their perceptions of how their health compares to other members of their own sex.Interview Questions: these questions should guide your interview:Tell me a little bit about yourself: work life, family life, interests.How involved would you say you are in researching information related to your own health?How involved would you say you are in researching information related to the health of other people in your life? Examples?What are the biggest concerns you have regarding your health? Now? In the future?How often do you consult with a healthcare professional?Complete the following sentence: I will make an appointment with a healthcare provider when ___________________.What usually causes you to make an appointment?Do you feel like your health-related habits are similar or different from other members of your sex? If so, in what way? If not, why? Any examples?Part II: Analysis: The purpose of this section is to analyze the differences and/or the similarities between the person you interviewed and the literature.Using the objective research discussed in Module 2 and 3:Discuss your perceptions of the individual you interviewed from the perspective of sex and gender and provide supporting evidence.Provide at least 3 examples of gender-related behaviors discussed or observed in the interview.Describe the similarities and/or differences these behaviors are compared to other members of the same sex/gender based on evidence-based research presented in Module 2 and 3.Discuss how sex/gender based behaviors influence one’s health.Concluding Paragraph: summarize your findings and highlight key discoveries from this experiential activity.