Conspiracy (2001) Film Worksheet

Watch the 2001 film Conspiracy, about the Wannsee conference in Berlin during the Second World War. It is available to rent on Amazon, or other streaming sites.Respond to the following questions in complete sentences and check spelling/grammar before submitting your response. Attach as a .dox, .docx file upload.1) Did everyone at the table seem to have the same views about the Jews? Explain your reasoning.2) What were the main concerns about the Polish ghettos?3) What other methods besides gas were discussed as a means to solve the “Jewish Question?” Why did the SS ultimately deem these practices insufficient?4) What were the main arguments and disagreements among the men at the conference? Was there anyone at the table that you sympathized with?5) Think about the snowball fight scene at the end of the film. Why do you think this scene is included, and why is it significant?6) During the epilogue explaining the fates of the men at the meeting, which ones surprised you the most?