Module 2, Discussion Board 2A woman is in a public bathroom at Penn Station inManhattan. She notices four feet in astall. She exits the bathroom and sees afemale police officer. She tells theofficer about the 4 feet in the bathroom stall.The officer enters the bathroom and looks through the quarter inchopening in the stall and can see two people in the stall with one sitting onthe top of the toilet with feet on the actual toilet seat. The officer decides to enter the adjacentstall and look over the wall. Theofficer then sees the drugs. The officerproceeds to arrest the two individuals.
Do people in a public bathroom stall have anexpectation of privacy? Did this searchviolate the individuals’ 4th amendment rights?Apply the tests and compare the case to cases we have read. If you were a U.S. Supreme Court Judge howwould you decide?