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DirectionsYou will write two (2) Analyses of Scientific Literature papers. Each will be a 3 to 4 pagecritique of an empirical research study that has been published in a peer-reviewed academicjournal. The specific paper to be critiqued will be given to you by your instructor. For thesecond Analysis of Scientific Literature you will need to find your own peer-reviewed paper, byfirst selecting a relevant topic from the list of suggested topics further down in this packet.Furthermore, this article will be the same one that you will use for your class presentation. Thearticle must be turned in with your written assignment. Your instructor will provide you withspecific information on how to select a topic, how to find a worthwhile study to analyze, andhow to turn in your Analyses of Scientific Literature.After the first Analysis of Scientific Literature, you will receive feedback on your criticalevaluation skills. Please use this feedback when preparing the second Analyses of ScientificLiterature.Please see the syllabus for the due dates for the two different analyses. Late papers will receivelower grades, so please be sure to turn your paper in on time.Each student must do his/her own work; plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in afailing grade on the assignment and the student being reported to the Office of Student Conductand Ethical Development. Prior to grading, all papers will be scanned by Yourinstructor will provide additional information regarding use of and Style GuidelinesYour paper should:● be written in narrative, paragraph format;● be written in formal style-3rd person only (do not use 1st or 2nd person, such as “we”, “I” or“you”);● NOT use direct quotes or copied material from a source. Instead, paraphrase the sourcematerial using YOUR OWN WORDS and cite appropriately in APA format.● use past tense when describing the research;● be typed, double spaced, and 3-4 pages in length;● be in a font size that is Times New Roman 12 point or similar size (easy to read);● be left justified (do not right justify/align, which centers text) and have 1-inch margins;● be submitted according to your instructor’s directions. Some will require materials be turnedin on Canvas. Others will require materials be submitted in a plain file folder with your namein the tab, a copy of your references in APA format, and the Grading Sheet and PlagiarismContract as the first page.Guidelines for Analyzing Research:Be sure to consider the suggestions from lecture and the handout “How to Understand andInterpret Food and Health-Related Scientific Studies” when analyzing the articles.