Context Project

The Paper is the first draft and received peer review and comments from the instructor. I have attached the comments from the instructor below:“You’ve made a good start on a really important topic, Taekyung. Thanks for taking up this issue. I’ve left a number of margin notes, but here are a few more revision suggestions:You tend to lose focus and stray from your initial problem statement; as you revise, keep focused on the question of how rioting impacts minority communities.Here’s an article that examines the impact in detail: an article that provides a close study of rioting’s impact on property values: with a concrete example of how rioting has affected a real community (pathos).Proofread for grammar and sentence eloquence; your prose is sometimes difficult to understand.You’re also using a lot of unnecessary repetition; trim it out.Your stylistic goal should be to say as much as possible in as few words as possible.Improve source introductions and integration. For integration, keep an eye on subject-verb agreement and proper use of predicates.”