coordinating the team

You have been hired to manage a particular aspect of the new adult addictions center. It is your job to write a proposal to bring to the next board meeting so that funds can be allocated to initiate your plans. This is the brainstorming stage of the planning. Your proposal will need to be scrutinized by the board before it approves the plan. It is important to be as specific and detailed as possible to justify the needs of your department before going forward. It is also important to be realistic but at the same time expand your ideas, goals, and aspirations into doable actions because this board wants you to think outside of the box.Choose 1 of the following roles that you will take on:AdministrativeClinicalCase managementClient advocacyCommunity resourcesFinances (e.g., managed care, insurance, and self-pay)Medical (e.g., medication, health and wellness groups, psychiatrist, and nurse)Other needs (e.g., social, legal, nutritional, educational, employment, and medical)Write a paper that addresses the following:Identify the department you will be using to create your proposal.What is the department’s role within the organization, and what are its responsibilities?What are the client needs or services that are addressed by this department?What resources, including staff, are needed to provide those services?You should include the following for this assignment:Title pageIdentify the department and its needsContent questions answeredConclusionReferences for all of the sections in APA style