Complete this assignment. Suggest one activity per age group that will facility developmental competencies (ex. Infants 1: Develop a sense of trust and a loving relationship) and satisfy adult roles (ex. Infants 1: Provide consistency). The activity can address multiple competencies and adult roles. Explain why/how the activity facilitates developing the competency. Complete the Activity column and submit the complete form ATTACHED BELOW
This assignment provides a learning opportunity about expected developmental competencies for 4 age groups of children (Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, and School-age), then requires a higher level of learning to connect the competencies to developmentally appropriate lesson plans
example is also attached below

Completion/Submission of Table
5 points

Activity column completed and submitted in provided form.

90 points

All 4 activities (one each age group) are clearly suggested with identified competency and curriculum.

5 points

No writing errors