Create an SQL Database in Visual Studio.

Create a SQL Server DatabaseCreate a Service-based Database in the project called SLDonations.mdf with the following fields and their settings to the database. Primary Key should be ID, Set the Identity Specification (Is Identity) = True The following data is required for your database.Please remember you do not need to enter the ID as it will be entered for you.**You must enter four entries of your own with your name, your instructors name, and two names of your choice.The amounts and dates can be of your choice for your entries.Your assignment will not be accepted without this.

Create a dataset Create a Data form like the one below using the Donations.mdf database file.Update the backcolor to a picture of your choice. Update the backcolor and forecolor of the buttons Use appropriate naming conventions for controls. Lock the controls on the form. The amount text box must be formatted to currency

Create a Try Catch for the Save Item Click and create a message box for the Changes saved and the Exception if not saved. Create a SQL Query (SELECT which returns rows) using the query builder to display all donations greater than or equal to $50. The Filter Button uses the query to only display values filtered by the query. The close button closes the application. Name Type Null? ID int Not Null FirstName Varchar(50) Not Null LastName Varchar(50) Not Null Amount Money Not Null DonationDate Date Not Null This project needs to be created using visual studio. The assignment instructions are attached. Please use my initals for the assignment SL. The form itself needs to be called frmSLAssignment7. Like this. all of the naming conventions must be correct as well, such as buttons being labled btn and labels lbl, text txt, etc. The final project should have all of the same files that the Capture PNG has, and all of those names should have SL instead of cp. Please make sure all of the initials are capitalized.

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