Creative Assignment: Conquest Through Indigenous Eyes

This week’s assignment you need two resources: 1) this video about Sir Frances Drake, mercenary for Queen Elizabeth of England and 2) The Follow the Corn Chapter 1 reading in Indigenous People’s History of the US. First look at both resources. Then create a fiction story– you can make it a MS Word Style essay or you can make a power point with images you find online to go with your story. This is a historical fiction, meaning that you create the characters based on real information that you are learning. For this assignment, you will pretend that you are an indigenous person from some part of the Americas. Francis Drake arrives on your land. What impact does he have? He is from England, not Spain. Does it seem like the English and Spanish are more similar or different from your Native American perspective? What was his goal when he arrived on your land? How were the native people impacted by his arrival and the other europeans. Be sure at some point to tell us what life was like on your land BEFORE europeans arrived and how it changed when they got there.