Domestic violenceDo you think that certain individuals should be required by law to report signs of child abuse and neglect? What type of consequences can these laws have for the victim, as well as, the reporter?chapter 11-13 book family violence legal medical and social perspective 9th ed
Criminal justice administration
The topic of stress and its relationship to police work has been extensively studied by both the social science community and the police profession. As a result, there is now an abundance of police stress–related information available to the law enforcement executives to assist them in fully understanding and developing programs designed to reduce stress among their personnel.Police officers work in an occupational culture in which they must sometimes use considerable force to control a situation. Unfortunately some officers may resort to the use of force in attempting to resolve conflicts at home and this might explain why the rate of domestic violence is significantly higher for police officers than it is for the general population.In your discussion answer the following questions:What are the factors that are most likely to make police officers disproportionately at risk for homicide-suicide?What is the best course of action a police department can take to anticipate and then prevent homicide-suicide among its police officers? Explain why you have chosen this as a best course of action over others.chapters 13/14 book police administration structures processes and behaviors 10th ed