criminology: gangs)

AnnotationsPaper annotations focus on the basics (who, what, why, how) of research, and should identify basic components of the research contained in the article, including:A brief overview of the theoretical framework(s) used in the paperThe research question(s) the study seeks to answerThe hypothesis/hypothesesThe sample used in the studyMethod(s) of analysis used to analyze the data in the studyFindings from the studyAnnotations should use 12 point-Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and APA format for citations. Annotations should be submitted via Canvas.For this annotation, students will use the following article:Lauger, T. R., and Densley, J. A. (2018). Broadcasting badness: Violence, identity, and performance in the online gang rap scene. Justice Quarterly, 35: 816-841.Note: This article is attached.