Crisis Intervention with Special Populations

Learning to assess and appropriately respond to clients that are in crisis is an essential skill forall crisis intervention workers. While there are many generic suicide intervention models for ahelper to chose from, it is important to also understand that there will be times when a workerwill need to be flexible and adapt their model to meet the special needs of certain at-riskpopulations.In this assignment, students are given the opportunity to explore crisis intervention among aspecial population of the student’s choice. Some examples of the populations that studentsmay chose from (but are not limited to) include: Aboriginal peoples the Deaf/Hard of Hearing the LGBTQ population the Disabled population Immigrants First Responders Individuals experiencing perinatal loss Victims of human trafficking*If you are unsure if a population you are interested in would be considered a distinctpopulation, please discuss this with the professor. Students will not choose topics that werecovered in the modules (such as domestic violence, grief).Students may use their textbook, other professional books and academic journal articles forresearch. Preference should be given to literature of an academic quality. Internet sites shouldbe limited to a maximum of 2 references. If a student has exceeded the maximum internetreferences, a mark deduction will occur.Assignment Instructions:Students will respond to the following questions in a written paper.1. Introduction/Vulnerability and Risk factors: Give a brief introduction to your chosenpopulation. Be sure to include any cultural, environmental and social factors that maybe unique to your chosen population. What is it that puts this special group at risk? (5marks)2. Assessment – identify key warning signs that are specific to the at-risk population. Whatareas need to be assessed? (5 marks)3. Ethical and Legal Considerations – Identify some of the common ethical and legalconsiderations that are present among your chosen population. Discuss how some ofthese issues can be managed by a crisis worker. (5 marks)4. Describe common short term and longer term goals & crisis interventions for thepopulation ( 5 marks)This paper should be between 7-8 pages (max) not including your title page, and be formattedand referenced in accordance with APA standards. Please use 12 pt Times New Roman/Arialfont only. All assignments should be double spaced. Marks will be deducted for grammaticaland APA errors. This assignment is worth 20% of your mark. Please submit your assignments viaBlackboard.