csr reading ( global warning)

Read Pages 39 – 48, stop before Topic for Debate: Appropriate CSR Action on Global Warming.Assignment:Submit a reaction to the reading to me. Answer these questions.1. See Case Study: UBS Seeks an Appropriate Global Warming Policy on page 46. Read this section very carefully2. Are these banks truly embracing Cause-Related marketing, or is this mostly Green-Washing efforts? What objective method can you use to discern the real intent?3. If you were working as an employee at one of these businesses, and you knew that your superiors were ruthlessly concerned with profit, but you wanted to use every ounce of your influence at the company to do some kind of good while you were there, what strategy could you come up with to persuade them to take action on Global Warming (or any other significant social problem). What way can you “talk in their language” – which is moving the four business drivers – to persuade them that a small sacrifice in profit can yield bigger profits and improve the world?Grading Criteria:Provide APA formatted in-text and end-of paper citations for any external documents you reference. – 10 PointsThis response can be as little as three paragraphs – more is not better, less may impact your grade – 10 pointsDemonstrate you retained some info from the reading in your answers – 10 pointsDemonstrate you are interacting with the info and creating a plan to integrate it into your future decision making – 10 points.Content, insights, etc. – 10 points.