Cyber Forensics critical elements

Assignment Your writing assignment consists of each student selecting a topic from the following lists:Recommended Topics:Cyber Forensics critical elementsWrite a report summarizing the most important guidelines to maintain the chain of custody for collected evidence.Write a report providing guidelines to create a code of ethics. You can use the following link as a starting point: (Links to an external site.).Read about other organizations with codes of ethics governing the conduct of expert witnesses, besides the ones explained in this class. Write a report that describes each of them and contrasts their codes of ethics.Explain the process of carving data manuallyGeneral:A good paper displays the integration of concepts and reflects on your understanding of the subject area. Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length (formal text body; does not include a title page, reference page). The paper must be typed, 12-point font, double-spaced with no spelling or grammatical errors, references and citations formatted using APA standardsYour paper should include the following sections.Paper Purpose and ScopeStart with a simple statement of the topic for your term paper. Describe the scope and environment of your topic.Literature Review/InvestigationYou should have, at a minimum, at least eight references from Information System related sources, including journals, books, and peer-reviewed articlesAnalysis and DiscussionThe section integrates the results of your investigative activities. Justify the importance of your topic. Focus on the key issues and observations you want to describe. Use examples from your research in your analysis.SynthesisIn this section, you should build on the information from the previous sections to present conclusions and/or make recommendations. This may take the form of applications to current work situations, predictions of future events, suggestions for further investigation, and/or summarization of the more interesting results.Use the assignment rubric to guide your efforts and apply the current APA formatting style.