Cybercrime-Australian Law

Use AGLC4 for referencing
For this assessment, you will write a 3000 word research analysis focused on the crime type (identity fraud).The law is using Australian legal system, make sure you look at identity fraud through the lense of all the legal legislation and legal framework in Australia. Analysie cases from previous court hearings or law suits, engage with the legal and relevant legislations in Australia. Make sure you enegage with legal frameworks heavily on this work.
Using your research about this crime type you will identify the issues surrounding it, analyse the nature of the offending and discuss why it presents a challenge to law enforcement. You should analyse the challenges of enforcing existing laws (if any) and/or developing new laws (if required), and consider options for reform to address the problemStructureYou may use the following proposed structure for your research analysis:1. Introduction (250 words)2. Background about the offending (500 words)3. Discussion of the challenges it presents to law enforcement (500 words)4. Analysis of existing criminal law responses and possible reform (1000 words)5. Predictions for the future and evaluation (500 words)6. Conclusion (250 words)7. Reference list