Data Integrity in Criminal Justice

Data Integrity in Criminal Justice
Each Question is worth 20 points. You must include references within the answer(s) and include a bibliography.
1) What is the difference between data and information? How are they related? Be specific.
2) Identify data and information transfer problems in the criminal justice field. In other words, how do these problems negatively impact the practice of (a) law enforcement, or (b) courts, and/or (c) corrections? What is being done by criminal justice officials to address the problems identified above?
3) What is data and information management in the field of criminal justice?
4) What is crime analysis? Research three different police agencies and identify the similarities and differences between the practice of crime analysis in the agencies you choose.
5) Research criminal justice agencies and any private sector agency and provide an overview how data management and information sharing has worked to improve or create problems for agency functioning. Be explicit. Also draw similarities and differences between how the public sector (i.e. law enforcement) and the private sector work manages information (problems, solutions). Is there convergence in processes or are the data and information that are managed by the private and public sector different?