Debate on comprehensive sexuality education

The curriculum will be called, ALL ABOUT ME (for elementary students), CHANGING BODIES (for middle school students) AND TAKING CARE OF OUR BODIES AND MINDS (for high school students). The opinion is based on the ACOG opinion paper and the research that supported it (see below) . Some community members are opposed to having this curriculum in the schools, while others are in support of a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum. You are the school board president, and your area has seen a rise in pre-teen and teen pregnancy. Your school system has also been sued for permitting sexual harassment of female, homosexual, and nonbinary students at all grade levels. Pressures have been building from many sides, and after a Title IX review, the team conducting the review recommended instituting a comprehensive sex education program that started in preschool as recommended by ACOG. After much consideration, the school superintendent and the school board have agreed that this is the best solution. Regardless of your personal views, write an argument that responds to parental opposition to this decision. Be sure to support your argument with information from our readings or other appropriate research-based information. HINTS: 1) PAY ATTENTION TO the difference between the terminologies of “sex” and “sexuality” education” WHEN WRITING YOUR POST. 2) USE SOURCES THROUGHOUT YOUR ARGUMENT (DO NOT RELY ON PERSONAL OPINIONS) PLEASE LIST ALL REFERENCES USE… MUST BE 250 WORDS 3) USE A CONVERSATIONAL TONE, MAKING SURE TO AVOID OVERLY TECHNICAL LANGUAGE

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