Demonstrate how storage and security priorities and goals have been achieved.

Final Project
OVERVIEWFor the finalproject, you are required to utilize the computer concepts and applications youhave learned in this course and provide a written report that recommends thecomputer system resources needed for your selected company in order to competewithin the identified industry. You are also required to submit a slidepresentation based on your written report and a spreadsheet summary of thecomputer system resources needed. You should also include suggestions forservice or product improvements and planning ideas for competing throughout theglobal marketplace. You are expected to address considerations pertinent totechnology resources, business growth, development, sustainability,organizational dynamics to include employee training, revisiting opportunitieswith suppliers, and how business growth can be achieved throughout foreignmarkets.
GUIDELINES AND REQUIREMENTSYou are requiredto submit three files for the final project: a written report, a slidepresentation, and a spreadsheet file.
Part 1:Written ReportThe final projectwritten report part is an extension of your application assignments. Yourwritten report should be 1000 to 1500 words (4 to 6 pages). Include 10 to 12new screenshots of the selected technologies, 4 new developed images via apresentation software, and a list of incorporated costs via a spreadsheet.Ensure you provide an overall thesis statement of why you selected theidentified resources, main points supporting your thesis statement, andreferences in support of your main points. Potential considerations to includefor your deliverable are listed below:
●Demonstrate how storage andsecurity priorities and goals have been achieved.●Illustrate how the defined storageand security variables and deliverables have been met.●Create a schedule of the projectand the completion of all required project enterprise storage and securitysteps.●Illustrate how potential storageissues, accessibility requirements, and identified security risks have beenaccounted for throughout the project.
Ensure that youinclude at least five references using corresponding in-text citations in APAformat.
Part 2:Slide PresentationYou are requiredto submit a slide presentation based on your written report with the followingguidelines.
●Include 12 to 15 slides.●incorporate graphics in slides.●Include a spreadsheet or tablecomponent listing tools or resources selected and proposed costs.
Part 3:Spreadsheet FileYou are alsorequired to submit a spreadsheet file that lists the costs of yourrecommendations of computer applications, tools, and other technologyresources. For the costs, you should include unit price and total price andgrand total costs using formula and functions of the spreadsheet application asappropriate.
WRITING AND RESEARCH RESOURCESThe following links provide online writingand research aids to help you with your paper assignments.
●OWL(Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University-●Writer’sHandbook, the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin–Madison-●APA Guidelines-● An online guide from the New JerseyState Library to assist you in starting your research, searching databases forarticles, citing sources, using ILLiad to request books or articles, etc.- hours agoI would like find someone who is willing to do both the paper, powerpoint, and execl. I have three seperate order request placed