Demonstrate rhetorical awareness of an audience

Length: 5 pages total(including a Works Cited Page), double spaced, Times New Roman 12 Font
Task:Theargumentative essay is the foundation of academic writing. It displays yourability to convince your audience of the importance of your topic and yourpoint of view. It allows you to join a conversation surrounding an issue ordebate by supporting your claims with evidence, considering counter arguments,and using multiple sources. For this assignment, you’ll respond to thequestion: is gentrification a force for good or bad?In order to make your answer persuasive, youmust conduct some of your own research into this question through a variety ofsources such as books or online resources. You must include references to fouracademic sources.Alternatively, you can come up with your ownresearch question for your essay. However, be sure to run it through with meprior to the first peer review draft deadline.A successful argumentative essay will persuademe of your point of view. In class we will think in more depth about the waysin which to construct to a convincing persuasive essay. Put briefly, asuccessful argumentative essay will express your own viewpoint with clarity andshow an awareness of contradictory views. Your argument should also display amanagement of academic writing conventions, including MLA citation and beexpressed in clear, well crafted, and grammatically correct sentences.
EvaluationCriteria:● Have athesis statement that clearly illustrates your argument● Useevidence to support your claims: four academic sources● Considercounter arguments against your claims● FollowMLA citation and formatting guidelines●Grammatical correctness
StudentLearning Outcomes:● Demonstrate rhetorical awareness of an audience● Critically read texts in a variety of disciplines and genres● Draw connections at the level of ideas across multiple texts● Defend a position in relation to the range of ideas surrounding a topic● Demonstrate knowledge of writing as a process● Demonstrate sentence-level correctness