Describe a best co-worker and worst coworker profile based on the concepts learned in C 9 & 10.

(THE BOOK CITATION IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POWERPOINT!!!)Each question’s answer has to be at least 250 words.
The purpose of this discussion is to help you relate OB concepts/theories to organizational news and real-life examples. The best way to understand the value of OB is to see how this applies to organizations everywhere and every day! Recall you must cite your work and show unique research, and review the discussion guideline! Please label each response accordingly #1 to #4. Do not forget to comment meaningfully at least on one classmate post per guideline.Identify a news or media clip* that properly illustrate at least ONE concept covered in chapter 4 and/or 5. Provide a brief but thorough discussion of the concept that the news/media piece depicts, summarize your article and explain how this illustrates/explains that OB concept, discuss its importance (include link to article or media!).Identify another news or media clip* that properly illustrates at least ONE concept covered in chapter 6. Provide a brief but thorough discussion of the concept that the news/media piece depicts, summarize your article and explain how this illustrates/explains that OB concept, discuss its importance (include link to article or media!). *For #1 & #2 note the news/article does not count toward you support/research cite(s), please provide support relating to what you are discussing.Describe a best co-worker and worst coworker profile based on the concepts learned in C 9 & 10. Now reflect how can organizations ensure the best are recruited and are staying, and last how can yourself thrive to be such best co-worker?Sale reps at American Express life insurance division are feeling the weight of their customers’ negative emotions and reactions (fear, anger, etc.) as their products involves dealing with death and such. The company sales number are down, even after encouraging the reps to ignore the customers’ feelings and focus on making sales. As a new manager trainee, you are asked to come up with a solution to address this difficult and crucial problem! Please use the concept of emotional intelligence/ability in C10 in your response.Part of a useful and effective online course is the additional learning that occurs through meaningful online discussions of the chapter material. Such discussions, when taken seriously and considered carefully, have the possibility to greatly heighten students’ learning of the material.Five Discussion Forums are scheduled during the semester each worth up to 5pts. Discussions forums are designed to help you understand the material presented in the textbook, and to learn how to apply it in practice. To make these discussion forums manageable, the class will be divided into an appropriate number of sub-groups. You will participate in discussion forums with other members in your sub-group of half or 1/3 of the class.The first discussion post will be called is “Students’ Introduction” post and will be graded for completion. In this discussion, you are asked to reply to my thread, briefly answering the questions I have provided. This will assist to get to know your classmate and if you chose so to pick one classmate to complete the final paper with. To keep this discussion board manageable, please reply to my thread to answer the questions. Then feel free to reply to individual student’s threads to encourage interaction.Expectations for Discussion Forums 1-4Discussions are the main way for me to assess your regular class participation in a fully online classes. If you were to attend in person class you would be required to attend and actively participate in each class for 3 hours per week for a 16 weeks semester or 6 hours per week for a 8 weeks semester and so on, in addition to the time needed to prepare for assignments, exams and final project. The discussion board is a reflection of this class attendance though virtual combined in the form of an assignment, therefore adequate time should be planned to complete those. In total, the discussions represent the same points than one exam or final project.For Discussion Forums 1-4, each of these content-specific discussion forums will be posted for at the minimum one week to be completed by the due date. It is not recommended to wait the due day to start participating! Your instructor will initially pose 3-4 questions to seed the discussion. You are expected to use your discussion post to link the theory in the text to practice. In addition, you must post a comment following at least one classmate’s post. This comment must be well-written and thought out and require more than a mere one or two liner. Imagine you are discussing this classmate post with that person, not just thanking them for their post!These online discussions require you to post an original response to my questions (minimum of 250 word for each question posed in a discussion, so if two questions then 500 words minimum) and to reply to a response provided by at least one of your classmates (200 word minimum). Please be aware doing the minimum does not guarantee maximum credit. Your grade on each of the discussions is contingent on both your original posts and a reply post to one of your classmates’ responses. In order to receive credit for your post, each response to each question must contain at least one original research source (outside the text or weekly readings) to support your argument or discussion. The reply is exempt from this requirement, but must contain thoughtful, relevant information.Your responses will be graded on the original contribution (with original research for support), meeting the guidelines, quality, depth, and level of insight. Keep in mind that posting earlier during the availability window both ensures you complete the assignment and likely gives you the opportunity to make more insightful contributions (i.e., if you are not rushing at the last minute to make a post).Please do not be offended if I do not reply to your discussion posts. A Discussion Board post from me is unusual simply due to the volume involved. However, I do personally read and evaluate each post you make, and typically provide brief individual feedback when grading your posts.Preparing for Discussion ForumsInformation Gathering: You must draw on information obtained from library research and other outside sources. This will require you to undertake a reasonable amount of outside research (primary and/or secondary research). Expect to spend 3 hours (or more) each week on such research. Recall if you were in an in-person class you would have about 6 hours of in-class time… Each question in the discussion should list one unique cite from your outside research, in addition, to cite the textbook as appropriate.Preparing for the Discussion Forums: Expect to spend a significant portion of your time researching, preparing for, and participating in the discussion forums.To maximize your learning experience in the discussion forums, begin by reading and analyzing the assigned chapters from the textbook.Next, identify the core concepts and theoretical frameworks presented by the authors (these are normally structured in distinct sections within the chapter).Then, read the questions posed by your instructor in the discussion forum and begin your ‘outside research’ (e.g., web-based searches, information in electronic and hard-copy resources in the library, and primary contacts).Finally, use the information gathered through your research to inform others about your findings and syntheses through your post(s) to the discussion forum. A good rule-of-thumb is to spend twice as much time researching, analyzing, and synthesizing outside information, as you would spend assimilating theory from the text.Participating in the Discussion ForumsWhat is an “Excellent contribution” at a discussion forum? For your involvement in a discussion forum to be deemed an “excellent contribution,” you must make at least one post that addresses each of the instructor’s questions. For example, if the instructor poses two questions in a discussion forum, then you MUST make at least one post to address each of the two questions that were posed. Please number your answer such as question 1, question 2…etc. As a rule-of-thumb, a good post is one that (a) applies theory to practice, and (b) adds new insights, or extends insights offered by the textbook and your own research. You must show depth, quality, and critical thinking while applying the concepts presented in the textbook. Hence, it is incumbent on you to build on what you have learned from the textbook, and showcase support by your additional research.How do I present my citations? Please follow established rules for citations (to be consistent, I recommend that we all follow the APA style manual Guidelines for Citations and References). First, place the citation at the appropriate location within the text of your post, e.g., (XYZ et al., 2013). Next, using APA rules, place an adequately detailed “reference” for all cited materials below your post. This will allow your instructor and others in the class to easily retrieve the cited article/document and study it more closely in the context of your post.GradingThe grading scale for participation in discussion forums will be as follows:5pts: For example, discussion contribution is excellent, overall the post is meeting above expectation, every question is answered, use of textbook concepts is clear and cited, extension and support via additional research is of high quality, length is appropriate often goes above the minimum guideline, citations are correctly done, comment(s) to classmate is of high quality.4pts: For example, discussion contribution is good, overall the post is meeting expectation, every question is answered, use of textbook concepts is present, extension and support via additional research is of good quality, length is appropriate (but more depth could be added), citations are correctly done, comment(s) to classmate is of good quality.3pts: For example, discussion contribution is average at best, overall the post is below expectation, use of textbook concepts is present at time, extension and support via additional research is of poor quality, length is on the short end, citations are missing or incorrectly done, comment(s) to classmate is of poor quality or missing or some questions were left unanswered. Please review grading feedback to improve on your next post.Below 3 pts: For example, discussion contribution is below average, overall the post is far from meeting most expectation, many elements required are missing or too weak to warrant additional credit. Please consult your instructor to find remedies for improving your next post.Any time you use information or data that were collected or created by another person or organization, then you need to credit the source of that information. It is imperative that you give credit to a source when you use another person’s ideas, whether you quote that individual directly or paraphrase the material.Whenever you cite someone else’s work, you should give them credit in two places: (1) in the text with what is referred to as an in‐text citation, and (2) in the reference list at the end of your work. When you cite a source in‐text, the purpose is to guide the reader to the reference list, where he/she can find the full information to review the source himself/herself.Nearly any question you have about appropriately referencing or citing a source in APA format 6th edition can be found at Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab. (Links to an external site.)Please review UNT Plagiarism guidelines (Links to an external site.).In-Text CitationsIn-text citations allow you to credit the source and provide the reader with the information they need to navigate the reference list. APA format uses the author‐date method to cite sources in‐text.Example: The research by Peake and Marshall (2012) argues that experience does in fact have a significant influence on firm performance.Example: Peake and Marshall (2012) argue that the type of experience measured influences the results in primary studies. If you have an organization or institution that published information, the institution then is considered the author.Example: The Economic Freedom Index rates how free a country’s economy is considered on several dimensions (Heritage Foundation, 2012). When quoting a source directly, there are a couple of ways to handle the situation, depending on how you structure your sentence.Example: According to Peake and Marshall (2012), “Industry experience most greatly influences performance of the firm.” (p. 22).Example: Peake and Marshall (2012) found that “Industry experience…” (p. 22).Example: They stated, “Industry experience…” (Peake & Marshall, 2012, p. 22).If you are using a table or chart from another source, then you should put a footnote in or beneath the table or chart.Example: Source: The Economist, 2012Reference ListsAn item on the reference list allows the reader to go back to the original source you cited in the paper to check the information you provided, get additional information, or provide their own credit to the author. All sources cited in the text must appear in the reference list.When ordering the references in a list,alphabetize by author’s last name,if there are two authors with the same last name, then order references by last name, then first name, andif there are two references by the same author, order by date (earlier work would appear first.Book ExampleWild, J.J., & Wild, K.L. (2012). International business: The challenges of globalization (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.Article or Chapter in an Edited BookCooper, A. C., & Gimeno‐Gascón, F.J. (1992). Entrepreneurs, processes of founding, and new firm performance. In D.L. Sexton & J.D. Kasarda (Ed.), The State of the Art of Entrepreneurship (pp. 301‐340). Boston, MA: PWS‐Kent Publishing Company.Article in a Magazine or NewspaperWang, J. (2012, March). Radicals and visionaries. Entreprenur, 50.Doe, J. (2012, January 15). Putting the B in BRIC. The Wall Street Journal, pp. 4A, 5A.Please refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab (Links to an external site.) for information about a variety of Electronic Sources (Web Publications).


What is symbolic about Elisa’s chrysanthemums in “The Chrysanthemums;” how about the dreadfully yellow colored wallpaper in “The Yellow Wallpaper?”

Pick 2 documents or speeches from class and compare and contrast them. The documents and speeches are The Declaration of Independence, The Preamble to the United States, The Bill of Rights, “I Have a Dream” Martin Luther King, Jr., “Gettysburg Address” Abraham Lincoln, “Old Soldiers Never Die”-General Douglas MacArthur, or “Duty, Honor, Country”-General Douglas MacArthur.

Read Krauthammer, CharlesUsing the essay, write your own essay (typed) on the main point of the article and your understanding of the issue. Only the body of the paper counts in the page total – header information, references, etc. do not count.


Post and briefly define the two dimensions or values you selected. Next, describe and discuss examples of how these two dimensions or values are expressed in the two cultures you selected. In your explanation, make sure to explain how socialization, social roles, social cognition, and social behavior are influenced by culture.

Characters do what they do because of their various motivations and desires. Often, their desires conflict with their ethical or moral responsibilities.

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