Describe Homer’s vision of the Underworld?

Question that needs to be answered— Do you think that the crew of Odysseus gets what they deserve for eating the cattle of Helios in Book 12? Explain.
Describe Homer’s vision of the Underworld?Homer’s vision of the underworld, Homer believed that mankind should never have been born or to not live a long life.
What does Odysseus stand to gain by telling his adventures to the Phaeacians?In book 9 from The Odyssey, Odysseus tells his adventures to the Phaeacians. Prior to him telling his stories and adventure, it seems so that Odysseus feels high and mighty, possibly because he knows that people are going to look up to him and feel like they are below him. Starting off right away, Odysseus states “It is indeed a truly splended thing to listen to a singer such as this, whose voice is like a god’s.” This is what Odysseus was telling to Alcinous. I think this comment makes the impression of Odysseus knowing people are praisning him and listening to what he has to say, even though the heavenly god’s have given him distress. Odysseus continues on to say “I will describe the miserable journey back which Zeus arranged for me when I returned from war.”After his frist story, it’s clear that Odysseus felt like he had failed, due to avoiding death and fate.
In the story of Odyssey book ten, odysseus’s crew were about to meet a terrible fate by Circe, who was tricking them to come to her home. Circe gives the Oddyseus’s crew is received a grand welcome from Circe stating “My comrades stood by fair-haired Circe’s gate and heard her sweet voice singing in the house, as she went back and forth before her loom, weaving a huge, immortal tapestry, the sort of work that goddesses create, finely woven, luminous, and beautiful.” This interpreting the reader that Circe is giving a false sense of goodness, because she is allowing these men enter her home. She has bad motives for these men that is yet to come. Circe allows these men to enter her home and sits them down at the table preparing a meal for them. However, it is stated that this food was drugged, which turns them into swines and forget their memories, “But with the food she mixed a vicious drug, so they would lose all memories of home.