Describe, in detail, the current event or situation and its impact on the nation?

I am including the annoted bibliography that way the sources are already found and all you have to do is use the sourcesI have provided to you.
Paragraph I: Describe, in detail, the current event or situation and its impact on the nation? What is or should the role of federalgovernment in this issue? Write in 3rd person.Paragraph II-III: What events lead to the current situation? Write in 3rd person.Paragraphs IV-V: What proposals or solutions have been proposed? Where do the two major political parties (and/or candidates, countries, states) stand on how to address the issue? Write in 3rd person.Paragraph VI: Please conclude with a college – appropriate analysis of the issue, first person please. For Example, one method to analyze an issue is costs and benefits.Another method of analysis could be to compare and contrast the situation now with the past or with other countries.Present conclusions, or solutions to address the issue. What would best serve the citizens of the United States or other countries? Explain how the Legislative, Executive and / or Judicial Branches of government can create your ideal situation. Please providedetails such as proposed law or government policy that should be created or changed.The assignment should have a minimum 1500-word count.
Annotated BibliographyFenwick, Mark, Wulf A. Kaal, and Erik PM Vermeulen. “Regulation tomorrow: whathappens when technology is faster than the law.” Am. U. Bus. L. Rev. 6 (2016): 561. current society is characterized by constant changes, complexity, and disruptivetechnological advancements. In this article, the author is concerned about the futurewhere technology moves faster than the law. Different structure regulatory interventionshave been developed to control technological innovations, but they seem ineffective. As aresult, as technology increases, so is the risk of recklessness and putting the whole societyin jeopardy. Therefore, the author suggests that the government should develop new lawsand regulatory designs which are responsive, dynamic, and proactive to ensure thatpeople can enjoy the technology with minimal effects.This article is effective and very informational for my research study. It is available onone of the largest platforms for both academic and legal journals. Therefore, theinformation contained here is reliable and very effective for use during my research.Moreover, the authors are from reputable universities and have qualifications in this field.As a result, I will use this information when writing my research paper to show theimportance of social regulation by the government. Moreover, I also related informationto current technological advancement and helped my reader relate the effect oftechnology moving faster than law.
Onken, Marina, Caroline Fisher, and Jing Li. “Perceived impacts of governmentregulations on technology transfers.” Journal of Nonprofit & Public SectorMarketing 13, no. 1-2 (2005): 35-55. changes in technology have continued to impact society in so many aspects. In thisarticle, the author examines the impact of government regulation on technology. Itillustrates the impact of different policies that will promote managerial perception andthus ensure effective measures are encouraged during technology transfer. Theinformation provided is accurate as it can be found in other sources of information. Theauthor is also credible as she has achieved higher degrees in the same field from arecognizable university. This indicates that the information provided is effective, and itcan be used to make sense of the impact of technological regulation by the government.Lastly, the article is available on one of the best scholarly platforms, Taylor & Francisonline. Therefore, it is credible and has been reviewed by several experts to appear onsuch a platform. When writing my research paper, I will use this source to show theimpact of government policies on technology. Similarly, I will relate it to the communityby examining the benefits of social media regulation by the government.
Murthy, Vidya. “Cybersecurity-Related Regulatory Considerations for MedicalDevices.” Biomedical instrumentation & technology 53, no. 4 (2019): 312-314. the years, technology has helped in improving the quality of care in healthcarefacilities. New medical devices and systems have been developed, making a change inthe access to care and the delivery medium. In this article, the major focus is oncybersecurity threats to medical devices. With increased technology, cyber securitycontinues to be a major threat in medical devices as it can lead to the leakage of vitalinformation. As a result, the authors suggest that it is fine for healthcare organizations tocome together and collaborate to build a robust security program that hinders cybersecurity. The strategy will ensure that the medical devices are safe and their vulnerabilityto cyber security is prevented.This article is available in one of the best scholarly sites used for academic benefits. It ispeer-reviewed which indicates the information can be trusted and used for analysis.Additionally, the information available in this article is accurate as I have come acrosssuch content before. Therefore, I will use it in the research study to explain theimportance of technology in Healthcare and its benefits to the community. Moreover, Iwill examine the challenges associated with technology and the need to developregulations for the sake of everyone.