Describe its commercialization potential.

The Topic of this paper is Lightbulbs.
Your paper should be 10 to 12 pages in length and follow the guidelines provided on this page. Be sure to follow accepted research approaches and citation format (APA).
For your paper, you will:
Research a technology innovation (lightbulbs)Identify the process of transforming that technology innovations research and results from the laboratory to the real marketplace.Use this knowledge to create a new product, service or business opportunity for this existing innovation (be creative).Determine the process of transforming your new technology innovations research and results to the real marketplace.Describe its commercialization potential.Consider what type of legal protection your innovation may need (Federal and/or International, i.e. patent/copyright, intellectual property, licensing, valuation, assessment)
* Prepare a paper that will convince your audience that your new technology innovation has market potential.
See details below.
GUIDELINESYour final paper should include the following:
Title pageShould be interesting, contain picture(s), creativeSummaryYour stakeholder may only read one page before making a decision on your new innovation, be convincingContent6 to 8 pages minimumFigures, Pictures, tables, drawingsReferencesYour literature reviewAppendixHaving material that supports your document (additional photos data tables, similar concepts standard practices you referred to in your paper)
Course Concepts AppliedYou will apply the following concepts within your final paper.
The fundamentals of technology innovation.Key concepts in technology commercialization.The necessary steps required in the process of transforming the ideas, research and results from the laboratory to the real marketplace.How to assess new technologies based on their commercialization potential.To get informed regarding the following: intellectual property, licensing, valuation, assessment and their roles in the commercialization process.