Describe solutions to management problems

consider how effective teams are built. some consideration in this assessment should include traits of an effective team leader as well as the strategies one would use to recruit team members that would communicate and work effectively together. Scenario: collapsible workspace creates workspaces based on client needs worldwide. they are a hybrid company mixing online contracting and manufacturing plants licates in three companies: U.S, spain and malaysia. they primarily create small office spaces for up to 10 persons that can then be collapsed and moved to another site in remote areas. the company in turn subcontracts a shipping line in each of these three countries that carry the collapsible offices to ports around the world and then teucks the offices to the client site. companies subscribe on a contractual basis for this collapsible office service once they have initially paid dor the construction of the office. each team is headed by a senior installer who supervises the two installers the shipping company contact and the truckers. there have been problems between the installers the subcontractored shippers and truckers who must work as a team to get each job completed at the location on time. the shippers and teuckers all say collapsible workspace supervisors are nit their supervisors. the teams seem stuck in the storming stage. this priblem has les to delays in installatiin and costs.