Describe the general approach of the philosophical theory (deontology,utilitarianism, virtue ethics etc.).

Below are the instructions that were given to me, please follow them closely, the topic for this research paper is (When, if ever, is it morally wrong for governments to conduct surveillance of citizens?)The Research Essay: Again, students are required to develop a 6 TO 8 PAGE investigative essayon the basis of possible topics in the field of biomedical ethics found at the end of this section.The final research paper applies an ethical theory – either utilitarianism or deontology – studied in class toa concrete issue. Examples of topics that qualify for the paper are listed below. You are not limited tothese topics.Drawing upon those theories, the student will prepare a written (6 to 8 page typed MLA, APA or CMS-style pages, double-spaced) paper that addresses these current moral problems. Of particularimportance is the student’s ability to use ethical reasoning to formulate reflective positions on someof the more pressing moral problems in contemporary society. Papers without this element tend toscore at best a low B or C. The paper is graded for the following sections:I. Composition (15 points): Composition (15 points): Tell me in ONE sentence whatyour paper will discuss. The introduction may be composed of more than onesentence but your thesis statement can only be one sentence long and has to beidentifiable as such. For example this sentence might read like: “This paperexamines the topic of abortion from both a utilitarian and a deontological viewpointand assesses the strengths and weaknesses of both approaches.” The grade in thissection also reflects whether the paper was written well with attention to syntax,consistent paragraphing indents and proper citation style.II. History of topic (15 points): set the context for the moral issue from 1960 onward.Do NOT go back earlier without checking with the instructor first.III. Pro/Con (20 points): what are the conflicting sides around the issue? Please note:using websites like to set up this issue generally reduces the grade in thissection. Look for journal and newspaper articles that summarize the positions. Theseare better and more nuanced treatments of the conflicting sides.IV. Application of ethical theory (30 points): I am looking for One treatment of theissue from an ethical approach studied during the term. The section is worth thirtypoints so this section must be in depth.Here is a suggested strategy for handling that section in four paragraphs:Paragraph 1:1. Describe the general approach of the philosophical theory (deontology,utilitarianism, virtue ethics etc.)2. Identify at least three principles from the theory.Paragraphs 2 through 4:Assign each of the three principles its own paragraph and explain the principle. Thenuse the explained principle to analyze a feature of your topic (in that same paragraph) V. PersonalConclusion (20 points): In this last section argue for your personal analysisand thoughts on the issue. Make sure this section receives the treatment anddevelopment it deserves!YOU MUST TITLE THE SECTION OF YOUR ESSAY WITH THE FOLLOWING FIVESECTION TITLES OR LOSE 5 POINTS. THUS, EVERY ESSAY WILL HAVE SECTIONHEADINGS WITH THESE TITLES:COMPOSITION, HISTORY OF TOPIC, PRO/CON, APPLICATION OF ETHICALTHEORY, PERSONAL CONCLUSION