Describe the population at risk or affected by type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

Topic is : Type2 Diabetes management and prevention in the United StatesAssignment:Using the provided 4papers (I have provided in one document) and additional research, rewrite a minimum of afull 15 page essay (not including cover and references) using intext citation,APA 7 formatting and a minimum of 7 scholarly peer reviewed references (less than 7 years old).ALL statistics MUSTBE REFERENCED with intext citations!!!!MUST HAVE COMPLETEINTRO AND CONCLUSIONProvide anintroductory background of the selected research topic.Describethe selected research topic, health-related state or event. (Type2 Diabetes Management and Prevention in the United States)Describethe disease, disability, or chronic condition (Type 2 Diabetes andPrediabetes).Describethe population at risk or affected by type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.Describe,in detail, the epidemiology of your selected health-related state orevent (type 2 diabetes and prediabetes)Describethe occurrence, signs and symptoms, and control of your selectedhealth-related state or event-BE SURE to define epidemiologic terms such as prevealence. When mentioning demogrpahic factors, such as age, describe as risk factors or modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors to provide context… (Type 2 diabetes andprediabetes).List thesteps that might be used to investigate and address the disease or publichealth problem described in the selected research.Using theinformation obtained about the disease or public health problem.
Describe an epidemiologic study type to investigatethe selected research topic, case study, or event. You may recommend astudy approach based on the circumstances around the outbreak or event.Discuss how surveillance data, as well as monitoringand control measures, were, or can be, used to identify and characterizethe disease or public health problem.Describe and analyze the outcomes and results in theselected research topic, including interpreting epidemiologic studyfindings, if reported in the case study.