Describe the research study in your own words.

For this extra credit assignment, I want you to notice CURRENT experimental research in the news and media, and then describe it. You may write about any kind of experimental research in psychology, or it may be medical, business, technological, or political research. (Hint: there is a LOT of medical experiments happening at the moment. This is totally OK to write about.)For up to 10 extra credit points, answer these questions (2 points each).1. Describe the research study in your own words. What do you think is the main research question? (You may provide a link to this if it is in the news – even if it is not in English.)2. Who are the participants in the study? Can you tell how they were selected, and why?3. Is this a TRUE experiment? Why or why not – or is it impossible to tell? You MUST be specific about the characteristics of your chosen study and true experiments to receive full credit.4. What were the IV and DV, as best as you can determine. If there are multiple IVs and DVs, describe one of each. These can usually be described in a short sentence – you do NOT have to describe HOW the IV was manipulated, or HOW the DV was measured.5. What were the findings of the experiment? That is, was a hypothesis was supported, not supported, or inconclusive?