Describe the work environment and employment outlook.

DO NOT SUBMIT A PAPER THAT HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY SUBMITTED FOR ANY OTHER CLASS.Follow MLA guidelines: (Links to an external site.)The paper must consist of at least 1200 words and include at least five sources (articles, books, interviews, etc.). Students may include as many internet resources as they would like. The last page of the paper will be the Works Cited page.In the research paper, students mustA. Identify the profession chosen (or choose any profession).B. Explain how to prepare for that position (education, majors, internships, certifications, exams, trainings, etc.)C. Explain job requirements.D. Describe the work environment and employment outlook.E. Include anything else related to this field and/or training. Students may include personal information (reasons for choosing this career, family members in this profession, etc.).F. If students are writing about a general field (teaching, nursing, engineering), consider including paragraphs addressing different positions within the field. For example, students might have paragraphs about maternity nursing, neonatal nursing, critical care nursing, etc.