Describe two (2) Administrative Search Exception issues relating to airline/airport security.

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To increase your knowledge of the field, discuss theAdministrative Search Exception. The following website will help you answer thequestions below:
Respond to the items below in your paper.
1.Describe two (2)Administrative Search Exception issues relating to airline/airport security.
2.Describe one (1) way thatthe exception differs from usual requirements for probable cause.
3.You can access Terry v. Ohio at Do you agree with the court’s decision that airportsearches can be legally conducted under less stringent standards than ordinaryprobable cause? Provide two (2) supporting facts to justify your position. Youcan bolster your argument with subsequent Fourth Amendment cases decided by theU.S. Supreme Court (lower court cases do not suffice). Remember that Terry remains good law, even though itwas decided over forty years ago. Terryis largely regarded as the seminal “stop and frisk” case.