Describe whether or not the instrument can be used to measure patient response to therapy/treatment or if it is strictly for assessment and diagnosis. 

Unit 4 Assignment – Clinical Preparation ToolChoose one diagnosis fromthe Anxiety Disorders groupAmericanPsychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manualof mental disorders (5th ed.). American Psychiatric Publishing,Inc.
ScanPages 189-233
Overview As you will learn throughout the program, the diagnosis of avariety of psychiatric illnesses is not always an easy or straightforwardprocess. Multiple observations and assessment methods are often employed toreach a diagnosis. This approach can include the use of standardized assessmentinstruments.  This then aids you in defining a treatment plan and choosingspecific treatment plans to use in the care of your clients. You are tasked with identifying a standardized assessmentinstrument/tool to measure the disorders listed for each week. You will keepthese instruments in the form of a “portfolio” that you can use in yourclinical practice to assess clients who present with a variety ofsymptoms. 
Instructions: Instrument/ Tool criteria: For each assessment, you are tasked with selecting, you willidentify an instrument and: Listwhat DSM diagnosis the tool/instrument is used forIdentifyan assessment/diagnosis instrumentAppraisea scholarly, peer-reviewed article that addresses the use of theinstrument to support your choice as an evidence-based instrument forpractice. Evaluatethe instrument’s appropriateness for diagnosing the condition it isdesigned to assess or if the developers of the instrument reported thatthe instrument is only part of a comprehensive assessment for thedisorder. Describewhether or not the instrument can be used to measure patient response totherapy/treatment or if it is strictly for assessment anddiagnosis. Discussthe psychometrics/scoring of the instrument, including reliability andvalidity. Discussany limitations associated with the use of the instrument.Includea link to view the assessment if possible.Use the following template in completing your portfolioassignments. Your information can be in bulleted format or just a couple ofsentences for each criterion listed above. However, you must use APA citations. You are NOT required to write this in a paper format.  Turn in one document foreach week’s topics.  (However, create a file on your desktop to compile yourportfolio as you move through the term.)  This will ensure you can have easyaccess to show the full portfolio and once you begin clinicals andpractice. Throughout the program, you will continue to add to theportfolio in each course.
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