Describe your approach to analyzing the company, e.g., questions asked, evidence gathered, tools applied.

Cover PageTable of ContentsFour sections:Executive Summary – Summary of report’s objectives and findings. This should be brief; similar to an abstract. Basically describes what the reader will learn from reading your report. (1/2 – 3/4 Pages)Analysis overview – Describe your approach to analyzing the company, e.g., questions asked, evidence gathered, tools applied. (2 Pages)Evidential matter – This is your evidence and your analysis of the evidence. (about 7 Pages – 1 page for overview of company, 2 for common-size statements (balance sheet and income statement), 1 for table of ratios, 2 to 3 pages for analysis) Your analysis should be based on the overview of the company, common-size statements and the ratios and discuss what this evidence tells you about the company. Basically, this analysis tells the reader what you see when you examine the ratios and common-size statements, not what you gleaned from reading other people’s comments about the company. Your bibliography should be short because the substance of the report is your informed opinion about the company based on the evidence you have accumulated.Conclusions – Summarize inferences and conclusions from your evidential matter and analysis, addressing the issues of company’s solvency and profitability. The evidence you gather must support your conclusions. (1 to 2 pages)Appendix – Copies of the financial statements used in your report.Excluding the works cited page(s) and appendices; the paper should be between 10 to 15 pages in length.Evidential Matter:Overview of CompanyBrief history of company, highlighting milestones; description of company’s major business activities; identify auditors, board members and executive officers; summary of at least two news stories about the company; identify and describe at least two business or economic risks the company is facing, how the company is responding to those risks, and potential financial consequencesCommon-size Statement AnalysisPrepare common-size balance sheets and income statements for the past three yearsRatio AnalysisCompute the following ratios for the latest two years and present the information in a table.Company: Regeneron PharmaceuticalProfitabilityEarnings per ShareGross Profit PercentProfit MarginReturn on AssetsReturn on Common EquityLiquidityCash RatioQuick RatioCurrent RatioLiquidity Activity RatiosAccounts Receivable TurnoverDays to Collect ReceivablesInventory TurnoverDays to Sell InventoryCapital structure and solvencyDebt to EquityTimes Interest EarnedReferences and Citations: