Describe your network and what it can be used for in enough detail to tell a good factual story.

This course focuses on networks of various types, therefore, a good topic would be about some type of network, i.e, a media like fiber, microwave, or maybe an under ocean network or a space based system, for example – how is the NASA link to the orbiting space station set up.Describe your network and what it can be used for in enough detail to tell a good factual story. Add diagrams and provide the IP and MAC addressing scheme you might use to configure the system. Diagrams and figures can add depth of understanding and impact to your topic. Add as much detail as you can from what you have learned from the course. Have fun with this. Analyze the material you gather and report on it in your own words. You can use quotes that are properly cited and referenced.Here is the list of topics that you will need to choose from:Ground to satellite link – what makes up the system and how the data is moved, what protocols are used.LAN design for a wireless operated business – restaurant, trucking, security force.Voice over IP (VoIP) network – hotel, telemarketing, police callsIP4 versus IP6 – what is gained, political implications, what are the new protocols.Network security firewalls – how do they work, where are they best placed in a network, what are the protocols, what types of hacker protection do they provide.Security for the mobile user – what is the current situation, what schemes could be used to make it bullet proof. Describe security methods in detail.WANs – describe a particular large companies scheme to connects its pieces. Anheiser-Bush, Bally gaming machines in casinos, or possibly Bank of America ATMsRadio Frequency Identification (RFID) – inventory system, patient tracing in a hospital, tracking spies.Router and switch functionality – how does multicasting work, describe auto-configuration schemes, or describe configuration management schemes.GPS links to cell phones – personal locators, emergency services, tracking lost children.Describe network use in an unusual place – Cruise liner network, warship network, battlefield network.