Detection of ERK ½ Proteins in MAPK pathway In Response to Copper Sulfate Using N2a Cells

The pictures and data are included in the work attached. The beginning overview is basically done and you can use that and the instructions to help guide the other parts of the paper. The lab was done in 3 separate days:In the MAPK signal transduction experiment, we have protein concentration data and immunoblot data.To start, cells were treated with copper sulfate or remained untreated and protein lysates were generated. The concentration of each protein sample was determined. protein assay data analysis Download protein assay data analysisNext, the protein samples were separated by SDS-PAGE and transferred to nitrocellulose via electroblot. The samples were loaded into the wells in a specific pattern so that the contents of each well could be easily determined. Each sample was loaded twice so that two different antibodies could be used for the subsequent immunoblot. An immunoblot was performed. The + and – samples were probed with antibodies specific for ERK1/2 (lanes 1-3) and for P-ERK1/2 (lanes 3-5). We can verify that we have ERK1/2 by matching the known size of ERK1/2 with our signal.