Determine the name and the objective of your workshop.

Part 1A: Workshop DetailsUse the Summative Template (attached below), and fill out this section due in Week 3. Determine the name and the objective of your workshop. Be sure to create a title that will be enticing as well as meet the needs of your specific audience. Your title should reflect the workshop content, so you are sure to address your targeted audience. Using your field of study (Bachelor of Arts in Library Science), determine the objective of the workshop (see flyer draft attached) . Your supervisor requests that you support your workshop topic with a relevant theory based on your field of study. You will research major theories in your field of study and include how your chosen theory supports your content choice.
Template sections:
Workshop Title (Your title should convey the objective of the Workshop. If it does not include 2-3 sentences explaining it.)Explanation of Workshop (This should be at least one paragraph.)Workshop Objective/Purpose (This should be at least one paragraph.)Description of your target audience (Staff of the library and patrons of the library interested in self-help workshops) (This should be at 2-3 sentences.)An explanation of theory that supports your workshop content. You must include a quote from a scholarly reference to support your opinion to why your chosen theory works for your workshop. Must use at least one scholarly source. (1-2 Paragraphs)Must include a separate reference page that is formatted according to APA Style.
Part 1B: Workshop Flyer
Use the Summative Template, and fill out this section due in Week 3. Your supervisor would like you to create a flyer to begin generating interest for your upcoming workshop. However, since this document will be displayed throughout the center, your supervisor requested you share it with your peers at the center for feedback before public display. The one-page flyer can be completed in Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, or (free tool).
Your Flyer will include:
The title of the workshop that will be presented at the Multigenerational Center.The objective/purpose of the workshop.The target audience (who should attend).Your name (as the presenter).Time, date, and place.An image to represent the content.Colorful and engaging content.