Dev Psyc 3 Question Description 1. Considering what isknown about the teenage brain and s …

Dev Psyc 3Question Description 1. Considering what isknown about the teenage brain and sexual development, are messages of”just say no” likely to be effective when it comes to drug use andsex? Why or why not? Be sure to explain your answer. Please note your answershould make reference to both adolescent brain and sexual development. 2. What cognitivefeatures characterize the adolescent? Name and explain two specificcognitivecharacteristic(s) of adolescents thatexplain why their physical development often causes them much concern. Whatabouthowthey think makes their changing bodiesbother them so? 

3.Compare and contrastanorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Which ofthese eating disorders is more dangerous? Be sure to explain your selection.
4. What is a rite of passage and whatpurposedo rites of passage serve? Discussat least two examples of rites of passages in your own life. Be sure to notewhat purpose they were intended to serve – and whether or not they wereeffective. 

5. When considering identity, what did Marcia mean by a “crisis”?Give two examples of crises to illustrate your understanding. 

6. What is meant by a “foreclosed” identity? What type of parentingwould be most likely to result in this identity status? Give an example of anindividual who is identity foreclosed. Is identity “fixed”, or canidentity status change? Be sure to explain your answer.