Developing the Millennial Soldier

Unpaid order, please apply and place your bids. Page 9 of the document is where this current assignment begins. All previous pages was already reworked by I need to ensure that what i have written in pg 9 captures what is needed for the assignment. Professor Instructions for this weeks part of the assignment: Review of Literature + Abstract + Purpose Statement + Methods Section + Survey/Interview Questions For this week, please add the methods section to your paper. You will be following one of the methods below: 1. For Quantitative Studies: Survey Research (through a survey instrument) 2. For Qualitative Studies: Basic Interpretive Research (through a basic interview) Add more information about the following: 1. Method 2. Population and Sample 3. How you select your sample You will also need to create your survey/interview questions and add as an appendix to the end of the paper. You will still include all the other parts of the paper.