Did you have reticence given that this was a practice working with difficult emotions?

In this structured essay, you will become curious and explore how the three approaches (Soften–Soothe–Allow) are best applied in daily life, when you need them the most. To complete this observation essay, you will need to begin by doing a guided practice. So, please find a comfortable position, sitting or lying down, close your eyes, and take three relaxing breaths. Then begin the following meditation: Working with Difficult Emotions(Links to an external site.)Once you have completed the guided meditation, please draft your essay by following the steps outlined below:Step 1: Introduction: In about 100 words, please begin your essay by explaining how you felt beginning the guided practice. Did you have reticence given that this was a practice working with difficult emotions? Or were you looking forward to a practice that offered a way to practice and explore challenging moments and emotions? Before you began, did you have an experience in mind? What environment and posture did you select for this practice? Was it challenging to find an optimal environment or time? If you are comfortable, please describe the environment you selected for this practice and your posture.Step 2: Body Paragraph 1 (Difficult Situation): In 100-150 words, please describe the situation that you chose to work with. Please do this in whatever level of detail is comfortable for you. If you prefer to stay relatively abstract, that is fine. Please honor your desire and need for privacy. Please explain how your selected situation fits within the criteria of being mild or moderately difficult as opposed to very difficult or trivial.Step 3: Body Paragraph 2 (Labeling Emotions): In 100-150 words, please describe what it was like to label the emotions associated with the difficult situation. If you are comfortable, please include the name of the emotions that arose. Was it challenging to identify the emotion/s or did this come easily? Did you notice a change when you labeled the emotion? If so, please describe and discuss.Step 4: Body Paragraph 3 (Somatic Experience): In 100-150 words, please describe the process of locating the emotion/s in your body. What did you observe when you explored your body for the physical sensation associated with the emotion? Some people have difficulty finding a location in their body that corresponds to an emotion. One reason is that some people have more awareness of body sensation than others (a skill called “interoception”). Another reason is that we may go numb when an emotion is too strong. In any case, please describe whatever is there, perhaps a more general sense of uneasiness in the body, or even numbness.Step 5: Body Paragraph 4 (Soften–Soothe–Allow): In 100-150 words, describe your experience when you did the soften, soothe, allow parts of the meditation. What happened when you softened the part of your body that was holding the emotion? What happened when you soothed yourself and allowed it to be there? Did the emotion change during the exercise, or did the physical manifestation move around your body a little? Please include any reactions or observations from the soften, soothe, allow portion of the meditation in this paragraph.Step 6: Body Paragraph 5 (Self-Kindness/Self-Compassion): In 100-150 words, please describe your experience with self-kindness and self-compassion. Is there any way that you can bring compassion to yourself in the midst of your journey? Describe. Can you be gentle and patient as your practice unfolds, perhaps saying some words of kindness, understanding, support, or appreciation? What would these words be? Include these phrases.Step 7: Conclusion (Insights): In 100-200 words, please describe any insights that have arisen as a result of this inquiry. If you struggled in some areas of this practice, is there any way you could reduce the struggle? Is there any part of this experience that you would like to give a little more space, or let go of, or allow more fully? Was there any judgment present for you (positive or negative) during this practice? Describe. Discuss. Is it possible for you to let go of the habit of self-evaluation and be open to what is true for you in the moment, with a tender heart? Did you feel overwhelmed during the practice? If so, when? Remember that if you feel overwhelmed, you can let the practice go or move to a more safe orientation. Walk slowly, go farther.You can also discuss whether one emotion changed and surfaced as another emotion. For instance, what may start out as the emotion of fear and tension behind the eyes could morph into grief residing in the pit of one’s stomach. As we are able to identify, feel, and compassionately allow ourselves to experience our emotions, we often uncover deeper layers of emotion lying underneath.This essay should be 600-750 words in length.This report should include 3 course terms/specialized vocabulary from course list. Be sure you are using the terms appropriately in context. Please bold each term so that I can identify each easily. If you do not bold the term, I will not award points as it is too time-consuming to search for course terms. Please assist me by bolding each term. (Thanks!!!)