Discuss a criminal justice, intelligence studies, international relations or security management topic requesting instructor approval of the topic you would like for your research proposal (term project) paper.

ease obtain instructor approval in the week 2 discussionprior to submitting your working title assignment here to be graded.
Please as discussed in the week 2 discussion and week 2lesson make the ‘working title’ straight forward so that it is not only easy toread, but easy to interpret as well. Be brief and avoid using unnecessarywords. Use a single title or a double title. An example of a double title is,Network Theory: Prison Gangs in Kentucky an Inmate’s Perception. Here, we knowthe proposal (study) is about Network theory, as it relates to an inmate’sperception of prison gangs in Kentucky. As a rule of thumb, make the title nolonger than 12 words. A good way to do this is to remove articles andprepositions, but make sure the working title includes the focus i.e., topic ofthe study.
Please remember you are selecting a topic NOT for writing aresearch paper about, but rather for writing a proposal to do actual hands-onresearch using scientific research methodology. (However, NO actual hands-onresearch will be conducted in this class based on your proposal.)
Submit your proposed working title for approval by no laterthan Sunday of week 2. Late submissions of this assignment will not beaccepted.
Your response should reflect upper-level undergraduatewriting and current APA standards.
In a seamless posting, please incorporate the following intoyour initial posting:
Review recently published (within the past five years)peer-reviewed scholarly articles located in the AMU/APUS University’s onlinelibrary databases. Discuss a criminaljustice, intelligence studies, international relations or security managementtopic requesting instructor approval of the topic you would like for yourresearch proposal (term project) paper. In doing so, please remember for thisclass you are selecting a topic NOT for writing a research paper about, butrather for writing a proposal to do actual hands-on research using scientificresearch methodology. In your discussion post discuss what you have identifiedin the current peer-reviewed literature located in the APUS Library databaseson a topic you wish to research. Briefly discuss the literature and expresswhat still needs to be researched or requires further research on the topic youwould like to address in your research proposal. In other words, did theauthors of the studies already done on this topic you reviewed call for furtherresearch on the topic or something to do with the topic? Then again, perhapsyou identified a problem that still needs to be researched on the topic wherethe current literature is lacking. Ifso, discuss what it is and how it pertains to the topic and why it needs to beresearched and who would benefit from the research. After doing so, you are toprovide a ‘Working Title’ for your Research Proposal, as discussed in thisweek’s lesson. Understanding this may change as your Research Proposal developsduring the course.
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