Discuss effective treatments or strategies to reduce symptoms.

The purpose of this three-page essay is for students to explain three sleep disorders, using peer-reviewed sources to cover symptoms and treatment for each disorder. Students will also offer a faith integration section. (CLO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). This Essay is worth up to 100 points. A successful essay will address the following areas: Introduction (1 paragraph): Briefly introduce the reader to the topic, using citations when necessary. Outline what will be covered in the paper. Literature Review: Three Sleep Disorders Describe specific symptoms for each of the three sleep disorders. Are there specific demographics that are more likely to be impacted (ie., age, gender, etc.)? Discuss effective treatments or strategies to reduce symptoms. These may include, but are not limited to- therapy, medication, life style changes, diet, sleep hygiene, physical activity, etc. Faith Integration (1-2 paragraphs): Sleep deprivation can have a significant impact on a person`s emotional, cognitive, and physical health. Society often focuses on packed schedules and productivity; however, Jesus prioritized pulling away to pray. The Sabbath, or day of rest, is also emphasized in the bible. Share your perspective on the importance of valuing rest and slowing down to connect with God. If you do not find value in the Sabbath or taking time to pray to God, share your position. This is no right or wrong answer. Include at least three scriptures to support your perspective. Paper Requirements Paper must be three to four pages in length APA Formatted (Title page, No Abstract required, Reference Page) Subheaders are required (Introduction paragraph is not labeled; however, the remaining sections must be labeled). A minimum of three peer-reviewed sources (no websites) are required. The textbook can be used as one of the three sources.