Discuss Objective Conditions and Subjective Concerns.

Discuss Objective Conditions and Subjective ConcernsIf you received a passing grade on the Select TopicAssignment, you may begin working on your PowerPoint Presentation. You will seein the detailed instructions for the PowerPoint Project posted on the next pagethat one of the required slides is to explain the subjective concerns andobjective dimensions of the social problem you have chosen. Review theseconcepts in Chapter 1 before participating in the discussion.
1.3.1 The Characteristics of Social Problems
A social problem is some aspect of society that largenumbers of people are concerned about and would like changed. It consists ofobjective conditions (things that are measurable) and subjective concerns (theideas, feelings, and attitudes that people have about those conditions).
Instructions: You will need to do your own research toparticipate in this discussion. You may find a data source on your own or referto the document below.—- Iuploaded the word document on the research.Data Resources to Determine Subjective Concerns and ObjectiveConditions Download Data Resources to Determine Subjective Concerns andObjective Conditions
First Post:
Briefly state your thesis (describe the social problem youwill be researching for your presentation) and explain the objective conditionsand subjective concerns underlying the social problem.
Second Post:
Share at least one resource that you could use to explainthe objective conditions and/or subjective concerns surrounding your socialproblem.