Discuss one advantage and one disadvantage in selecting these tests for the battery.

This week, you read about a variety of resources, such as tests or measures and methods, that can be utilized in a variety of work settings.You also learned about the concept of utility in the context of testing and assessment as applied to a single measure in Week 5. Considerations involved in determining utility can also be applied to large-scale testing programs that employ multiple tests or measures in a selected battery.While the authors of your Psychological Testing and Assessment text introduced an assessment center from 1956 that incorporated multiple tools and methods, the Thornton and Gibbons’ 2009 article, “Validity of Assessment Centers for Personnel Selection,” elaborated on a review of the validity of elements in contemporary assessment centers and considerations when employing them.For this discussion, take the factors that affect a test’s utility into consideration, which was identified in your Psychological Testing and Assessment text as:Psychometric soundness.Costs.Benefits.In addition, take into account practical considerations when conducting utility analyses, which include:The pool of applicants.The complexity of the job.The use of cut scores.In considering these things, this week’s discussion asks you to identify three specific measures for a management assessment center addressing selection, placement, promotion, and career training. Follow the guidelines below in your post:Identify a specific instrument for each of the following areas:Ability or aptitude testing.Occupational career or interests.Personality.Discuss one advantage and one disadvantage in selecting these tests for the battery.Identify at least one issue regarding factors of utility and utility analysis with this battery of tests.Include how you would evaluate the effectiveness of incorporating your measures into this battery. How would you determine that the three tests are adequate for addressing the purposes of selection, placement, promotion, and career training?Include if and how computerized assessment could be incorporated into your battery or evaluation.